Olive oil is a vegetable oil that enriches our kitchens, adds a different aroma to our meals and enables us to eat healthy meals. If you want to lose weight or eat healthy, you should use olive oil in your meals. If you use olive oil in your skin and hair masks outside the kitchen, you can get good results. You can use it in face masks to keep your skin bright and young. It is useful for acne. It is good for hair loss.

Olive oil contains keratin. It has a protein that is effective in hair loss. You can also use it to massage your hair. It has an important place in the field of cosmetics by preventing skin dryness. It is rich in omega 3 and thus prevents the skin from flaking. It also prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Removes furniture scratches. It is used as a polish. It is used in bathrooms as soap. It refreshes the skin and moisturizes the body. Provides softness and smoothness to the skin. It is an essential oil in terms of health by sliding into the medical field. It has a protective effect against cancer. It protects cells against cancer by regenerating cells. It is good for health problems such as hemorrhoids. It is good for chronic constipation. It is used in dental care. It prevents the teeth from turning yellow and provides a healthier tooth. It nourishes the scalp and hair follicle. It lengthens the hair. It provides balancing of blood sugar. It is good for blackhead formation and removal after formation. It facilitates digestion. It provides revitalization and healthy appearance of worn and lifeless hair. It has the ability to renew tissues. The gall bladder is good for laziness. It is good for anemia and mineral deficiency. It treats skin cracks.

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